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FoCo MX @ Moe's BBQ - 4/19
Fort Collins, CO

  • 4:45 PM on the back patio of Moe's Original BBQ

LunaFest '24 PREGAME - 4/21
Boulder, CO 

  • Velvet Elks Lounge

  • LC goes on at 9:00PM

  • FREE

LunaFest '24  - 4/24
Boulder, CO 

  • DV8 Distillery

  • LC goes on at 10:00 PM

Fox Theatre - 5/17
Boulder, CO 

  • Doors open at 7:00 PM

  • Click the poster (left) to buy tix!

WHO the f*** is LC?

Forged from frosty lagers and a deep-rooted passion for rock and roll, Liquid Chicken has been in the cut of the alternative rock scene for a little over two years. The 4-piece group is comprised of founding members Morgan Madrigal (guitarist), Jude Montanez (bassist), Anton Cariffe (percussionist), and Jake Fiss (vocalist). 

Liquid Chicken released their debut self-titled EP in August of 2023. Since then they have been playing shows in the Denver circuit and working independently on an ambitious 12 song album slated for release in spring of 2024...

Liquid Chicken is for you.


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